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Title: Reconstructing the late Pleistocene climate sequence at Alexandra Cave, Naracoorte, using trapped charge dating and palaeoenvironmental proxies
Authors: Priya
Arnold, Lee J.
Duval, Mathieu
Guilarte, Verónica
Cohen, Tim
Tyler, Jonathan
Demuro, Martina
Gadd, Patricia
Reed, Elizabeth H.
Keywords: Luminescence dating;Electron spin resonance dating;Charcoal;Isotopes;Naracoorte;Megafauna extinction
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Australasian Quaternary Association/Friends of the Pleistocene Pop-up Conference: 2021
Abstract: The drivers of Australia-wide megafaunal extinction during the late Pleistocene remain poorly resolved. Hypotheses include individual or synergistic combinations of climate fluctuations, human impacts through hunting or habitat alteration by landscape burning. Moreover, the relationship between extinction dynamics and long term glacial - interglacial environmental change is not yet understood. Using a series of complementary geochronological, palaeoecological and geochemical techniques on a sedimentary sequence in Alexandra Cave, Naracoorte, this study provides improved reconstructions of past climates in south-east South Australia prior to, and around the time of, megafaunal extinction. Optically stimulated luminescence and electron spin resonance dating constrain the age of the sedimentary sequence to Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 1 – 5. Preliminary environmental reconstructions undertaken using carbon isotopes of charcoal and Itrax micro X-ray fluorescence analysis reveal high precipitation during late MIS 5, while MIS 4 was arid. Decreased organic matter and increased sedimentation rates in mid-late MIS 3 suggest a change in landscape conditions, consistent with an environmental shift around the time of megafaunal demise locally. The Last Glacial maximum was arid, with frequent local fires, followed by a shift during the Holocene, marked by an increase in precipitation.
Description: Ponencia presentada en: Australasian Quaternary Association/Friends of the Pleistocene Pop-up Conference: 2021, 3-7 de julio 2021
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Type: Presentation
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