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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2011An astronomically-tuned climate framework for hominins in the Turkana BasinJoordens, Joséphine C. A.; Vonhof, Hubert B.; Feibel, Craig S.; Lourens, Lucas; Dupont-Nivet, Guillaume; Lubbe, H. J. L. van der; Sier, Mark Jan; Davies, Gareth R.; Kroon, Dick
Apr-2018Chronology of the cave interior sediments at Gran Dolina archaeological site, Atapuerca (Spain)Parés, Josep María; Álvarez-Posada, Claudia; Sier, Mark Jan; Moreno García, Davinia; Duval, Mathieu; Woodhead, John; Ortega Martínez, Ana Isabel; Campaña Lozano, Isidoro; Rosell, Jordi; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Carbonell, Eudald
Jan-2011Direct terrestrial–marine correlation demonstrates surprisingly late onset of the last interglacial in central EuropeSier, Mark Jan; Roebroeks, Wil; Bakels, Cornelia Catharina‏; Dekkers, Marinus Jacobus; Brühl, Enrico; Loecker, Dimitri de; Gaudzinski-Windheuser, Sabine; Hesse, Norbert; Jagich, Adam; Kindler, Lutz; Kuijper, Wim J.; Laurat, Thomas; Mücher, Herman Jozef‏; Penkman, Kirsty; Richter, Daniel; Hinsbergen, Douwe Jacob Jan van
Jan-2015Evidence for the Blake Event recorded at the Eemian archaeological site of Caours, FranceSier, Mark Jan; Parés, Josep María; Antoine, Pierre-Olivier; Locht, Jean-Luc; Dekkers, Marinus Jacobus; Limondin-Lozouet, Nicole; Roebroeks, Wil
2016Extending the chronostratigraphy at Gran Dolina archaeological site, AtapuercaParés, Josep María; Álvarez-Posada, Claudia; Sier, Mark Jan; Duval, Mathieu; Ortega Martínez, Ana Isabel; Rosell, Jordi; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Carbonell, Eudald
May-2019Human occupation of northern Europe in MIS 13: Happisburgh Site 1 (Norfolk, UK) and its european contextLewis, Simon G.; Ashton, Nick; Field, Michael H.; Hoare, Peter G. ‎; Kamermans, Hans; Knul, Monika V.; Mücher, Herman Jozef‏; Parfitt, Simon A.; Roebroeks, Wil; Sier, Mark Jan
Dec-2013Improved age control on early Homo fossils from the upper Burgi Member at Koobi Fora, KenyaJoordens, Joséphine C. A.; Dupont-Nivet, Guillaume; Feibel, Craig S.; Spoor, Christiaan Frederik; Sier, Mark Jan; Lubbe, H. J. L. van der; Nielsen, Trine Kellberg; Knul, Monika V.; Davies, Gareth R.; Vonhof, Hubert B.
2013Magnetic property analysis as palaeoenvironmental proxy: a case study of the Last Interglacial Middle Palaeolithic site at Neumark-Nord 2 (Germany)Sier, Mark Jan; Dekkers, Marinus Jacobus
Feb-2014On the variability of the Dmanisi mandiblesBermúdez de Castro, José María; Martinón-Torres, María; Sier, Mark Jan; Martín-Francés, Laura
Oct-2018Progressive aridification in East Africa over the last half million years and implications for human evolutionOwen, Richard Bernhart; Muiruri, Veronica M.; Lowenstein, Tim K.; Renaut, Robin W.; Rabideaux, Nathan M.; Luo, Shang-De; Deino, Alan L.; Sier, Mark Jan; Dupont-Nivet, Guillaume; McNulty, Emma P.; Leet, Kennie; Cohen, Andrew S.; Campisano, Christopher James; Deocampo, Daniel; Shen, Chuan-Chou; Billingsley, Anne; Mbuthia, Anthony
Mar-2019Quaternary history of the Lake Magadi Basin, southern Kenya Rift: tectonic and climatic controlsOwen, Richard Bernhart; Renaut, Robin W.; Muiruri, Veronica M.; Rabideaux, Nathan M.; Lowenstein, Tim K.; McNulty, Emma P.; Leet, Kennie; Deocampo, Daniel; Luo, Shang-De; Deino, Alan L.; Cohen, Andrew S.; Sier, Mark Jan; Campisano, Christopher James; Shen, Chuan-Chou; Billingsley, Anne; Mbuthia, Anthony; Stockhecke, Mona
Jun-2015The Blake Event recorded near the Eemian type locality. A diachronic onset of the Eemian in EuropeSier, Mark Jan; Peeters, Jan; Dekkers, Marinus Jacobus; Parés, Josep María; Liao, Chang; Busschers, Freek Sander; Cohen, Kim M.; Wallinga, Jakob; Bunnik, Frans; Roebroeks, Wil
Oct-2015The earliest unequivocally modern humans in southern ChinaLiu, Wu; Martinón-Torres, María; Cai, Yanjun; Xing, Song; Haowen, Tong; Pei, Shuwen; Sier, Mark Jan; Xiaohong, Wu; Edwards, Richard Lawrence; Cheng, Hai; Li, Yiyuan; Yang, Xiongxin; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Wu, Xiujie
Feb-2012Use of red ochre by early NeandertalsRoebroeks, Wil; Sier, Mark Jan; Nielsen, Trine Kellberg; Loecker, Dimitri de; Parés, Josep María; Arps, Charles E. S.; Mücher, Herman Jozef‏