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Title: Back in time at the beginning of the Late Villafranchian: paleoenvironment and age of Pantalla (Italy)
Authors: Cherin, Marco
Basilici, Giorgio
Duval, Mathieu
Shao, Qingfeng
Sier, Mark Jan
Parés, Josep María
Gliozzi, Elsa
Mazzini, Ilaria
Magri, Donatella
Di Rita, Federico
Iurino, Dawid A.
Azzarà, Beatrice
Margaritelli, Giulia
Pazzaglia, Fausto
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: XXII Edizione delle Giornate di Paleontologia (PALEODAYS2022), p. 47-48
Description: Ponencia presentada en: XXII Edizione delle Giornate di Paleontologia (PALEODAYS2022), 8-10 de junio de 2022, Asti, Italia
Type: Presentation
Appears in Collections:Congresos, encuentros científicos y estancias de investigación

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