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Title: Data and code for "Sustainable Human Population Density in Western Europe between 560.000 and 360.000 years ago"
Authors: Rodríguez, Jesús
Sommer, Christian
Willmes, Christian
Mateos Cachorro, Ana
Keywords: Pleistocene;SDM;Palaeoenvironment;Palaeodemography;Population density
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: ERN Data Centre & Invenio
Citation: Zenodo, 2022, V1 [Dataset]
Abstract: This dataset contains the modeling results GIS data (maps) of the study “Sustainable Human Population Density in Western Europe between 560.000 and 360.000 years ago” by Rodríguez et al. (2022). The NPP data ( was computed using an empirical formula (the Miami model) from palaeo temperature and palaeo precipitation data aggregated for each timeslice from the Oscillayers dataset (Gamisch, 2019), as defined in Rodríguez et al. (2022, in review). The Population densities file ( contains the computed minimum and maximum population densities rasters for each of the defined MIS timeslices. With the population density value Dc in logarithmic form log(Dc). The Species Distribution Model (sdm.7z) includes input data (folder /data), intermediate results (folder /work) and results and figures (folder /results). All modelling steps are included as an R project in the folder /scripts. The R project is subdivided into individual scripts for data preparation (1.x), sampling procedure (2.x), and model computation (3.x). The habitat range estimation ( includes the potential spatial boundaries of the hominin habitat as binary raster files with 1=presence and 0=absence. The ranges rely on a dichotomic classification of the habitat suitability with a threshold value inferred from the 5% quantile of the presence data. The habitat suitability ( is the result of the Species Distribution Modelling and describes the environmental suitability for hominin presence based on the sites considered in this study. The values range between 0=low and 1=high suitability. The dataset includes the mean (pred_mean) and standard deviation (pred_std) of multiple model runs.
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6045917
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Type: Dataset
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