Paleobiología : [536]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2022Conserved and Taxon-Specific Patterns of Phenotypic Modularity in the Mammalian DentitionTakenaka, Risa; Clay, Selene M; Yoo, Sunwoo; Hlusko, Leslea J
2022The protoconid: a key cusp in lower molars. Evidence from a recent modern human populationBermúdez de Castro, José María; García-Campos, Cecilia; Sarmiento, Susana; Martinón-Torres, María
2022The Influence of Tool Morphology on Visual Attention During the Interaction with Lower Palaeolithic Stone ToolsSilva-Gagoa, María; Fedato, Annapaola; Hodgson, Timothy; Terradillos-Bernal, Marcos; Alonso-Alcalde, Rodrigo; Bruner, Emiliano
2022At their own pace: Optimal walking speed in children and adolescentsMateos Cachorro, Ana; Zorrilla-Revilla, Guillermo; Rodríguez, Jesús
2022A network approach to the topological organization of the Brodmann mapBruner, Emiliano
Jun-2022Let’s Play at Digging: How Vigorous Is This Energetic Task for a Young Forager?Mateos Cachorro, Ana; Zorrilla-Revilla, Guillermo; Rodríguez, Jesús
2022The immature Homo naledi ilium from the Lesedi Chamber, Rising Star Cave, South AfricaCofran, Zachary; VanSickle, Caroline; Valenzuela, Reynaldo; García-Martínez, Daniel; Walker, Christopher S.; Hawks, John; Zipfel, Bernhard; Williams, Scott A.; Berger, Lee R.
2022The parietal lobe evolution and the emergence of material culture in the human genusBruner, Emiliano; Battaglia-Mayer, Alexandra; Caminiti, Roberto
Jun-2022Los Villares locality (Ruidera, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain): a new Middle Pleistocene fossil assemblage from the Southern Iberian Plateau with possible evidence of human activityGarcía-Martínez, Daniel; Duval, Mathieu; Zhao, Jianxin; Feng, Yuexing; Wood, Rachel; Huguet, Rosa; Cifuentes-Alcobendas, Gabriel; Palancar, Carlos A.; Moya-Maleno, Pedro R.
Aug-2022ESR/U-series chronology of the Neanderthal occupation layers at Galería de las Estatuas (Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain)Moreno, Davinia; Ortega, Ana Isabel; Falguères, Christophe; Shao, Qingfeng; Tombret, Olivier; Gómez-Olivencia, Asier; Aranburu, Arantza; Trompier, François; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Carbonell, Eudald; Arsuaga, Juan Luis
Jul-2022Early Pleistocene hominin teeth from Gongwangling of Lantian, Central ChinaPan, Lei; Zanolli, Clément; Martinón-Torres, María; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Martín-Francés, Laura; Xing, Song; Liuab, Wu
Jul-2022Can a Neandertal meditate? An evolutionary view of attention as a core component of general intelligenceBruner, Emiliano; Colom, Roberto
Jun-2022Does knowledge influence visual attention? A comparative analysis between archaeologists and naïve subjects during the exploration of Lower Palaeolithic toolsSilva-Gago, María; Fedato, Annapaola; Terradillos-Bernal, Marcos; Alonso-Alcalde, Rodrigo; Hodgson, Timothy; Bruner, Emiliano
Jul-2022Structural properties of humeral diaphyses of East Asian modern humans from the Late Pleistocene to Early HoloceneZhao, Yuhao; Wei, Pianpian; Zhang, Xinglong; Lu, Hongliang; He, Kunyu; Yuan, Haibing; Xing, Song
Sep-2022Food made us human: Recent genetic variability and its relevance to the current distribution of macronutrientsPalma-Morales, Marta; Mateos Cachorro, Ana; Rodríguez, Jesús; Casuso, Rafael A.; Huertas, Jesús R.
Jul-2022Evolutionary adaptation highlights the interconnection of fatty acids, sunlight, inflammation and epithelial adhesionHlusko, Leslea J.; McNelis, Madeline G.
May-2022Impact of subsistence patterns on the overall configuration of bending rigidity along humeral diaphyses in modern humansLi, Haijun; Zhou, Mi; Zhao, Yuhao; Xiao, Xiaoyong; Zhang, Hailong; Wei, Pianpian; Xing, Song
Apr-2022Sustainable human population density in Western Europe between 560.000 and 360.000 years agoRodríguez, Jesús; Willmes, Christian; Sommer, Christian; Mateos Cachorro, Ana
Apr-2022Insights on the Early Pleistocene Hominin Population of the Guadix-Baza Depression (SE Spain) and a Review on the Ecology of the First Peopling of EuropePalmqvist, Paul; Rodríguez-Gómez, Guillermo; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; García-Aguilar, José Manuel; Espigares, M. Patrocinio; Figueirido, Borja; Ros-Montoya, Sergio; Granados, Alejandro; Serrano, Francisco J.; Martínez-Navarro, Bienvenido; Guerra-Merchán, Antonio
Apr-2022Long-term dog consumption during the Holocene at the Sierra de Atapuerca (Spain): case study of the El Portalón de Cueva Mayor siteGalindo-Pellicena, M.Ángeles; Sala, Nohemi; De Gaspar, Ignacio; Iriarte, Eneko; Blázquez-Orta, Raquel; Arsuaga, Juan Luis; Carretero, José Miguel; García, Nuria
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 536