Paleobiología : [617]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2024Sabretooths, giant hyenas, and hominins: Shifts in the niche of Early Pleistocene scavengers in Iberia at the Epivillafranchian-Galerian transitionMateos Cachorro, Ana; Hoelzchen, Ericson; Rodríguez, Jesús
Jan-2024Cognitive archaeology, and the psychological assessment of extinct mindsBruner, Emiliano
Jan-2024Concurrent Asian monsoon strengthening and early modern human dispersal to East Asia during the last interglacialAo, Hong; Ruan, Jiaoyang; Martinón-Torres, María; Krapp, Mario; Liebrand, Diederik; Dekkers, Mark‏ J.; Caley, Thibaut; Jonell, Tara N; Zhu, Zongmin; Huang, Chunju; Li, Xinxia; Zhang, Ziyun; Sun, Qiang; Yang, Pingguo; Jiang, Jiali; Li, Xinzhou; Xie, Xiaoxun; Song, Yougui; Qiang, Xiaoke; Zhang, Peng; An, Zhisheng
Jan-2024Uncovering the mosaic evolution of the carnivoran skeletal systemLaw, Chris J.; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Tseng, Z. Jack
Jan-2024Variation in enamel prism size in primate molarsTowle, Ian; Loch, Carolina
2023Peopling of the Americas: A new approach to assessing dental morphological variation in Asian and Native American populationsScott, G. Richard; Navega, David; Vlemincq-Mendieta, Tatiana; Dern, Laresa L.; O'Rourke, Dennis H.; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Hoffecker, John F.
2023No scientific evidence that Homo naledi buried their dead and produced rock artMartinón-Torres, María; Garate, Diego; Herries, Andy I.R.; Petraglia, Michael D.
2024Inter- and intrapopulation variability of dental tissue proportions of European and African modern human populations’ permanent caninesBlasco-Moreno, Silvia; García-Campos, Cecilia; Zanolli, Clément; Gil-Donoso, Elena; Oettlé, Anna; Modesto-Mata, Mario; Martínez de Pinillos, Marina; Martín-Francés, Laura; Martinón-Torres, María; Bermúdez de Castro, José María
Feb-2024Moving away from “the Muddle in the Middle” toward solving the Chibanian puzzleBae, Christopher J.; Aiello, Leslie C.; Hawks, John; Kaifu, Yousuke; Lindal, Joshua; Martinón-Torres, María; Ni, Xijun; Posth, Cosimo; Radović, Predrag; Reed, Denne; Schroeder, Lauren; Schwartz, Jeffrey H.; Silcox, Mary T.; Welker, Frido; Wu, Xiu-Jie; Zanolli, Clément; Roksandic, Mirjana
Dec-2023Cranial fluctuating asymmetry in Danish populations from the Neolithic to the Early Modern AgeOlsen, Trine Bottos; García-Martínez, Daniel; Lynnerup, Niels; Schjellerup Jørkov, Marie Louise; Villa, Chiara
Feb-2024What do brain endocasts tell us? A comparative analysis of the accuracy of sulcal identification by experts and perspectives in palaeoanthropologyLabra, Nicole; Mounier, Aurélien; Leprince, Yann; Rivière, Denis; Didier, Mélanie; Bardinet, Eric; Santin, Mathieu D.; Mangin, Jean François; Filippo, Andréa; Albessard, Lou; Beaudet, Amélie; Broadfield, Douglas; Bruner, Emiliano; Carlson, Kristian J.; Cofran, Zachary; Falk, Dean; Gilissen, Emmanuel; Gómez-Robles, Aida; Neubauer, Simon; Pearson, Alannah; Röding, Carolin; Zhang, Yameng; Balzeau, Antoine
Oct-2023Structural properties of the Late Pleistocene Liujiang femoral diaphyses from southern ChinaWei, Pianpian; Cazenave, Marine; Zhao, Yuhao; Xing, Song
Dec-2023Lower Paleolithic Shaped Stone Balls—What Is Next? Some Cultural–Cognitive QuestionsAssaf, Ella; Baena Preysler, Javier; Bruner, Emiliano
2023Computer simulation of scavenging by hominins and giant hyenas in the late Early PleistoceneRodríguez, Jesús; Hölzchen, Ericson; Caso‑Alonso, Ana Isabel; Berndt, Jan Ole; Hertler, Christine; Timm, Ingo J.; Mateos Cachorro, Ana
Jan-2024Covariation between the shape and mineralized tissues of the rib cross section in Homo sapiens, Pan troglodytes and Sts 14López-Rey Pérez, José María; Cambra Moo, Óscar; González Martín, Armando; Candelas González, Nieves; Sánchez-Andrés, Ángeles; Tawane, Mirriam; Cazenave, Marine; Williams, Scott A.; Bastir, Markus; García-Martínez, Daniel
2023Uncovering the mosaic evolution of carnivoran skeletal systemsLaw, Chris J.; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Tseng, Jack
Oct-2023Early Bronze Age violence in Ojo Guareña (Merindad de Sotoscueva, Burgos, Spain). Perimortem modifications in two male individualsGonzález-Rabanal, Borja; Marín-Arroyo, Ana B.; Vidal-Cordasco, Marco; Martín, Miguel Ángel; Ortega Martínez, Ana Isabel
Sep-2023Cognitive Archeology and the Attentional System: An Evolutionary Mismatch for the Genus HomoBruner, Emiliano
Sep-2023Early Neolithic human remains from Galería del Sílex in Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, SpainMolina Almansa, Antonio; Conde-Valverde, Mercedes; Ortega Martínez, Ana Isabel; García-González, Rebeca; Rodríguez, Laura; Alday Ruiz, Alfonso; Iriarte, Eneko; Domingo, Salvador; Arsuaga, Juan Luis; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Carbonell, Eudald; Carretero Díaz, José Miguel; Martínez, Ignacio
Feb-2024Modularity and community detection in human brain morphologySchuurman, Tim; Bruner, Emiliano
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 617