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Title: Halibee fossil assemblages reveal later Pleistocene cercopithecins (Cercopithecidae: Primates) in the Middle Awash of Ethiopia
Authors: Taylor, Catherine E.
Brasil, Marianne F.
Monson, Tesla A.
Yohler, Ryan M.
Hlusko, Leslea J.
Keywords: Cercopithecid evolution;Cercopithecine fossil record;Cercopithecines;Chlorocebus;Hybridization;Locomotion
Issue Date: Jan-2023
Publisher: Wiley
Citation: American Journal of Biological Anthropology, 2023, 180(1), 6-47
Abstract: Objectives: The goals of this study were to describe and interpret two new fossil assemblages of cercopithecin monkeys (n = 328), one from the Faro Daba beds (ca. 100,000 years) and the other one from the Chai Baro beds (>158,000 years old), in the Afar Rift of Ethiopia. Materials and Methods: We describe the two assemblages and compare them to extant cercopithecin species and the smaller fossil assemblage from Asbole, Ethiopia (ca. 600 ka). We use a population-based approach to the taxonomy given the unusually large number of specimens. Craniodental and postcranial anatomy are presented. Evidence of locomotor habitus is described and evaluated in a framework of hybridization and postcranial plasticity. Results: We attribute all cercopithecin specimens from both beds to cf. Chlorocebus and conclude that the Faro Daba and Chai Baro assemblages likely sample single species at each time horizon. Subtle differences between the two assemblages, mostly in postcranial morphology, are insufficient to justify separation at the species level. Discussion: The large sample sizes and unique preservational aspects of these two assemblages open a new window into the recent evolution of guenons. Our data indicate that these fossil populations may be ancestral to the cercopithecins currently living in the Afar region of Ethiopia.
ISSN: 2692-7691
DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.24637
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Type: Article
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