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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2021A sedimentological record of fluvial-aeolian interactions and climate variability in the hyperarid northern Namib Desert, NamibiaMiller, Christopher E.; Krapf, Carmen; Hoey, Trevor ‎; Fitchett, Jennifer; Nguno, Anna-Karren; Muyamba, Ralph; Ndeutepo, Andreas; Medialdea, Alicia; Whitehead, Andy; Stengel, Ingrid
Oct-2020Issues of theory and method in the analysis of Paleolithic mortuary behavior: a view from Shanidar CavePomeroy, Emma; Hunt, Chris O.; Reynolds, Tim; Asouti, Eleni; Bennett, Paul; Bosch, Marjolein; Burke, Ariane M.; Farr, Lucy ‎; Foley, Robert; French, Charles; Frumkin, Amos; Goldberg, Paul; Hill, Evan; Kabukcu, Ceren; Lahr, Marta Mirazón; Lane, Ross; Marean, Curtis W. ‎; Maureille, Bruno; Mutri, Giuseppina; Miller, Christopher E.; Mustafa, Kaify Ali; Nymark, Andreas; Pettitt, Paul B.; Sala, Nohemi; Sandgathe, Dennis M.; Stringer, Chris; Tilby, Emily; Barker, Graeme
Dec-2023Palaeoenvironments and chronology of the Damvlei Later Stone Age site, Free State, South AfricaToffolo, Michael B.; Tribolo, Chantal; Horwitz, Rossouw; Liora Kolska, Lloyd; Britt Bousman, C.; Richard, Maïlys; Boaretto, Elisabetta; Miller, Christopher E.
Aug-2022The Cultural and Chronostratigraphic Context of a New Leaf Point from Hohle Fels Cave in the Ach Valley of Southwestern GermanyConard, Nicholas John; Janas, Alexander; Marcazzan, Diana; Miller, Christopher E.; Richard, Maïlys; Schürch, Benjamin; Tribolo, Chantal