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Title: Measuring the palaeolithic life. A bioenergetic approach
Authors: Zorrilla-Revilla, Guillermo
Prado-Nóvoa, Olalla
Vidal-Cordasco, Marco
Rodríguez, Jesús
Mateos Cachorro, Ana
Keywords: Bioenergy;Energy expenditure;Prehistoric activities;Indirect calorimetry;Accelerometry
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: CHAM, IEM
Citation: Entre ciência e cultura: da interdisciplinaridade à transversalidade da arqueologia: Actas das VIII Jornadas de Jovens em Investigação Arqueológica, 2017, 343-346
Series/Report no.: ArqueoArte;4
Abstract: Due to the difficulty of finding remains and past clues, new and recent methodologies and approaches are getting importance to understand past behaviours. We present the Bioenergy as a new research domain in Human Evolution. This approach is built by sophisticated experimental protocols such as anthropometry, body composition and energy expenditure. These designs are used by recent humans as in vivo subjects to reconstruct some features of hominin paleobiology. Thus, we carry out the experimental programs measuring the energy requirements of prehistoric activities with the volunteers, such as carcass transport, gather vegetable resources and raw material catchment. The main aim of this approach is to recreate scenarios of past daily behaviours, their energy requirements and the environmental constraints by the use of mathematical tools.
ISBN: 978-989-8492-44-9
Type: Book chapter
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Bioenergía y Análisis del Movimiento

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