Datación por Resonancia Paramagnética Electrónica : [39]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2022Investigating the resetting of IRSL signals in beach cobbles and their potential for rock surface dating of marine terraces in Northern ChileBrill, Dominik; Ageby, Lucas; Obert, Christina; Hollerbach, Rolf; Duval, Mathieu; Kolb, Thomas; Bartz, Melanie
Aug-2021A multi-method dating approach to reassess the geochronology of faulted Quaternary deposits in the central sector of the Iberian Chain (NE Spain)Moreno García, Davinia; Gutiérrez, Francisco Javier; Val Blanco, Miren del; Carbonel, Domingo; Jiménez Barredo, Fernando; Alonso Escarza, María Jesús; Martínez-Pillado, Virginia; Guzmán, Oswaldo; López Cadavid, Gloria I.; Martínez, David
Jun-2021The place beyond the trees: renewed excavations of the Middle Stone Age deposits at Olieboomspoort in the Waterberg Mountains of the South African Savanna BiomeVal, Aurore; Peña, Paloma de la; Duval, Mathieu; Bansal, Suramya; Colino Polo, Fernando; Culey, Jasmin Oliviah; Hodgskiss, Tammy; Morrissey, Peter; Murray, Andrew; Murungi, May L.; Neumann, Frank H. ‎; Shadrach, Kelita; Kragh Thomsen, Marianne; Van der Ryst, Maria M.; Witelson‬, ‪David M.; Zhao, J. X.; Stratford, Dominic
Nov-2021Taxonomy, taphonomy and chronology of the Pleistocene faunal assemblage at Ngalau Gupin Cave, SumatraSmith, Holly Ellen; Price, Gilbert J.; Duval, Mathieu; Westaway, Kira E.; Zaim, Jahdi; Rizal, Yan; Aswan, Aswan; Puspaningrum, Mika R.; Trihascaryo, Agus; Stewart, Mathew; Louys, Julien
Aug-2021First chronological constraints for the high terraces of the Upper Ebro catchmentParés, Josep María; Duval, Mathieu; Soria Jáuregui, Ángel; González Amuchastegui, María José
Nov-2020A new complete sequence from Lower to Middle Paleolithic: El Provencio complex (Cuenca, Spain)Domínguez-Solera, Santiago David; Moreno García, Davinia; Pérez Garrido, Carlos
Aug-2020ESR and ESR/U-series chronology of the Middle Pleistocene site of tourville-la-rivière (Normandy, France) - A multi-laboratory approachBahain, Jean-Jacques; Duval, Mathieu; Voinchet, Pierre; Tissoux, Hélène; Falguères, Christophe; Grün, Rainer; Moreno García, Davinia; Shao, Qingfeng; Tombret, Olivier; Jamet, Guillaume; Faivre, Jean-Philippe; Jamet, Guillaume; Faivre, Jean-Philippe; Cliquet, Dominique
Aug-2020Testing the potential of K-feldspar pIR-IRSL and quartz ESR for dating coastal alluvial fan complexes in arid environmentsBartz, Melanie; Duval, Mathieu; Brill, Dominik; Zander-Heinz, Anja Christina; King, Georgina; Rhein, Alexander; Walk, Janek; Stauch, Georg; Lehmkuhl, Frank; Brückner, Helmut
Aug-2020A multi-technique dating study of two Lower Palaeolithic sites from the Cher valley (Middle Loire Catchment, France): Lunery-la Terre-des-Sablons and Brinay-la NoiraDuval, Mathieu; Voinchet, Pierre; Arnold, Lee J.; Parés, Josep María; Minnella, Walter Settimo Leonardo; Guilarte, Verónica; Demuro, Martina; Falguères, Christophe; Bahain, Jean-Jacques; Despriée, Jackie
Aug-2020Revisiting the slip rate of Quaternary faults in the Iberian Chain, NE Spain. Geomorphic and seismic-hazard implicationsGutiérrez, Francisco Javier; Moreno García, Davinia; López Cadavid, Gloria I.; Jiménez Barredo, Fernando; Val Blanco, Miren del; Alonso Escarza, María Jesús; Martínez-Pillado, Virginia; Guzmán, Oswaldo; Martínez, David; Carbonel, Domingo
Dec-2019First experimental evaluation of the alpha efficiency in coarse-grained quartz for ESR dating purposes: implications for dose rate evaluationBartz, Melanie; Arnold, Lee J.; Spooner, Nigel A.; Demuro, Martina; Campaña Lozano, Isidoro; Rixhon, Gilles; Brückner, Helmut; Duval, Mathieu
Oct-2019Insights into the late stages of the Acheulean technocomplex of Western Iberia from the Arbo site (Galicia, Spain)Méndez Quintas, Eduardo; Demuro, Martina; Arnold, Lee J.; Duval, Mathieu; Pérez-González, Alfredo; Santonja, Manuel
Dec-2012Assessing the influence of the cavity temperature on the ESR signal of the aluminum center in quartz grains extracted from sedimentDuval, Mathieu; Guilarte, Verónica
Apr-2018Quantifying hydrofluoric acid etching of quartz and feldspar coarse grains based on weight loss estimates: implication for ESR and luminescence dating studiesDuval, Mathieu; Guilarte, Verónica; Campaña Lozano, Isidoro; Arnold, Lee J.; Miguens Rodríguez, Leticia; Iglesias Cibanal, Javier; González-Sierra, Silvia
May-2017Defining minimum reporting requirements for ESR dating of optically bleached quartz grainsDuval, Mathieu; Bahain, Jean-Jacques; Bartz, Melanie; Falguères, Christophe; Guilarte, Verónica; Moreno García, Davinia; Tissoux, Hélène; Val Blanco, Miren del; Voinchet, Pierre; Arnold, Lee J.
Mar-2018Sobre el potencial de la resonancia paramagnética electrónica como herramienta geocronológica en contextos geoarqueológicos: un resumen de 30 años de investigación en la Península IbéricaDuval, Mathieu
Dec-2013ESR dosimetry of fossil enamel: some comments about measurement precision, long-term signal fading and dose–response curve fittingDuval, Mathieu; Guilarte, Verónica; Grün, Rainer
Oct-2015Evaluation of ESR residual dose in quartz modern samples, an investigation on environmental dependenceVoinchet, Pierre; Toyoda, Shin; Falguères, Christophe; Hernandez, Marion; Tissoux, Hélène; Moreno García, Davinia; Bahain, Jean-Jacques
Oct-2014Middle Pleistocene human remains from Tourville-la-Rivière (Normandy, France) and their archaeological contextFaivre, Jean-Philippe; Maureille, Bruno; Bayle, Priscilla; Creèvecoeur, Isabelle; Duval, Mathieu; Grün, Rainer; Bemilli, Céline; Bonilauri, Stéphanie; Coutard, Sylvie; Bessou, Maryelle; Limondin-Lozouet, Nicole; Cottard, Antoine; Deshayes, Thierry; Douillard, Aurélie; Hénaff, Xavier; Pautret-Homerville, Caroline; Kinsley, Leslie; Trinkaus, Erik
Oct-2015New radiometric dates on the lowest stratigraphical section (TD1 to TD6) of Gran Dolina site (Atapuerca, Spain)Moreno García, Davinia; Falguères, Christophe; Pérez-González, Alfredo; Voinchet, Pierre; Ghaleb, Bassam; Despriée, Jackie; Sala, Robert; Carbonell, Eudald; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Arsuaga, Juan Luis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 39