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Title: Low-temperature AMS and the quantification of subfabrics in deformed rocks
Authors: Parés, Josep María
Pluijm, Ben A. van der
Keywords: Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility;Paramagnetism;Phyllosilicates;Low-temperature susceptibility
Issue Date: Aug-2014
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Tectonophysics, 2014, 629, 55-62
Abstract: We evaluate the application and significance of Low-Temperature Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (LT-AMS) measurements in deformed mudrocks. Originally conceived as a way to enhance paramagnetic relative to ferromagnetic susceptibility, LT-AMS studies offer significant potential in constraining the coexistence of subfabrics that are due to phyllosilicate grains with different preferred orientations. In this study we report a detailed procedure to obtain such directional susceptibilities, measuring samples in multiple orientations at liquid nitrogen temperatures in order to determine the LT-AMS. Due to unequal changes of magnetic susceptibility in micas at low-temperature, the enhancement of standard AMS at low-temperature better separates interacting fabrics in natural rocks, particularly depositional fabrics versus deformational fabrics. LT-AMS is a non-destructive technique that readily offers an ability to separate ferromagnetic and paramagnetic fabrics, and allows the characterization and quantification of multiple fabrics in natural rocks.
ISSN: 0040-1951
DOI: 10.1016/j.tecto.2014.03.005
Type: Article
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