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Title: Primer registro magnético continuo de la secuencia sedimentaria de Barranco León (Cuenca de Guadix-Baza, Granada)
Authors: Santamaría Barragán, Alberto
Parés, Josep María
Colino García, Silvia
Churruca Clemente, Alicia
Fujioka, Toshiyuki
Serrano Ramos, A.
Álvaro Gallo, Ana
Val Blanco, Miren del
Iglesias Cibanal, Javier
Jáimez, J.
Miguens Rodríguez, Leticia
Padilla, Santiago
Revilla Cob, Jorge
Pérez Cabeza, Angelli Stephanie
Pla-Pueyo, Sila
Sáiz Dominguez, Carlos
Jiménez, J.M.
Duval, Mathieu
Keywords: Pleistocene;Barranco León;Magnetic susceptibility;Rock magnetism;Multi-sensor core logger
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: XIII MAGIBER, 2023, 138-142
Abstract: We present the results of a multi-proxy high-resolution analysis of a sediment core drilled in Barranco León locality (Guadix-Baza basin, Granada). With an estimated age of about 1.4 Ma, Barranco León documents one of the earliest evidence of human presence in western Europe. Two boreholes were drilled at the site, and about 90 metres of lake sediments, includinglimestones and siltstones belonging to the Baza Fm. were recovered, providing a unique opportunity to access a continuous record of fresh sediment. The core sections were initially measured through a Geotek multi-sensor core logger (MSCL-S), which provides a suite of petrophysical properties, including apparent magnetic susceptibility and natural gamma radioactivity. Discrete samples were then collected for additional analyses including paleo and rock magnetism. The two setsof high-resolution magnetic data obtained from the invasive and on-invasive sampling methods are being compared for the purpose of the present work. Our initial results will enable to complete the chronostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental framework of the sequence.
Description: Ponencia presentada en: XIII MAGIBER, 25-28 de julio 2023, Porto, Portugal
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Type: Presentation
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