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Title: Occupation et gestion du territoire bergeracois entre 250 et 35 kA : essai de synthèse techno-économique
Authors: Ortega, Iluminada
Bourguignon, Laurence
Claud, Emilie
Vieillevigne, Emmanuelle
Ríos Garaizar, Joseba
Baillet, Mickaël
Brenet, Michel
Folgado Lopez, Mila
Sellami, Farid
Lahaye, Christelle
Keywords: Open air site;Upper Paleolithic;Middle Paleolithic;Late Paleolithic;Chatelperronian;Aurignacian
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Institut des sciences humaines et sociales du CNRS
Citation: Gallia Préhistoire, 62
Abstract: In this work, we propose to examine human activities from 72 occupations within a well-defined territory, the Bergeracois, during the Pleistocene between 250 kyr and 35 kyr. The study is based on bibliographical data stemming from programmed excavations and from rescue archaeology operations undertaken in this area (installation of rings roads around Bergerac and the Creysse municipality). In particular, this overview focuses on the behavioural evolution of acquisition strategies for raw materials, the technical systems that were implemented, as well as the different functions of and uses for the tools produced. Inferences may then be drawn regarding the mobility strategies of human groups within this lithological territory and its particularities within a larger regional framework. Before proposing a diachronic overview on these various issues, we shall differentiate, and detail four ensembles present within this significant period spanning from the end of the Acheulean to the beginning of the upper Palaeolithic. This differentiation is based on defined chronological intervals (occupations dating to prior to the Eemian period and those belonging to the period between the Eemian and approximately 40 kyr), as well as on techno-cultural characterizations (Chatelperronian and early Aurignacian).
ISSN: 2109-9642
DOI: 10.4000/galliap.3169
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Type: Article
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