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Title: Pleistocene and Holocene peopling of Jerada province, eastern Morocco: introducing a research project
Authors: Sala-Ramos, Robert
Aouraghe, Hassan
Haddoumi, Hamid
Morales, Juan Ignacio
Rodríguez-Hidalgo, Antonio
Tornero, Carlos
Oujaa, Aïcha
Soto, María
Farkouch, Mourad
Aissa, Al Mahdi
El Atmani, Abderrahman
Duval, Mathieu
Arnold, Lee J.
Demuro, Martina
Blain, Hugues-Alexandre
Piñero, Pedro
Rivals, Florent
Burjachs, Francesc
Tarriño, Andoni
Álvarez-Posada, Claudia
Souhir, Mohamed
Saladié, Palmira
Pla-Pueyo, Sila
Cruz Larrasoaña, Juan
Mischke, Steffen
Marín, Juan
Moreno-Ribas, Elena
Lombera Hermida, Arturo de
Bartrolí, Raül
Lombao, Diego
García-Argudo, Gala
Ramírez, Iván
Díez-Canseco, Celia
Tomasso, Sonja
Expósito Barea, Isabel
Allué, Ethel
Hajji, Noureddine
Mhamdi, Hicham
Rhosne, Hind
Villalaín, Juan José
van der Made, Jan
Canals Salomó, Antoni
Benito-Calvo, Alfonso
Agustí, Jordi
Parés, Josep María
Chacón Navarro, María Gema
Keywords: Pleistocene;Holocene;Human peopling;Eastern Morocco;Green Sahara
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Institut national des sciences de l’archéologie et du patrimoine
Citation: Bulletin d’Archéologie Marocaine, 2022, 27, 27-40
Abstract: The Aïn Beni Mathar – Guefaït (ABM-GFT) region in Eastern Morocco is the object of an archaeological, palaeontological, geological and geochronological research project, led by an international team since 2006. The research in this former fluvio-lacustrine basin, roughly 2000 km2, has revealed a significant number of Pleistocene and Holocene sites. Here we introduce the research project, that we conduct in the region, the main issues it aims to address, and the results already obtained.
ISSN: 0068-4015
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Type: Article
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