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Title: Answer to the problem of the diachronic and synchronic relationship of archaeopaleontological elements in sites with homogeneous sediments in the Middle Pleistocene: the example of Gran Dolina, Sierra de Atapuerca
Authors: Obregón, Rosa Ana
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (IUPPS)
Abstract: The study lower Paleolithic sites with homogeneous sediments challenges our dating methodologies and can lead to erroneous interpretations of inseparable overlapping occupations (palimpsests). This problem is addressed through a computerized treatment of the data and application of archaeo-stratigraphic method. With this method more accurate divisions between the archaeopaleontological assemblages are defined on the basis of empty spaces between them that allow us to isolate such assemblages. We can establish depositional patterns and therefore good diachronic relationships.
Description: Ponencia presentada en: XV World UISPP Congress, 4-9 de septiembre 2006, Lisboa
Type: Presentation
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