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Title: The primates of the western Palaearctic: a biogeographical, historical, and archaeozoological review
Authors: Masseti, Marco ‎
Bruner, Emiliano
Keywords: Ethnozoology;Macaca;Papio;Chlorocebus
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Istituto Italiano di Antropologia
Citation: Journal of Anthropological Sciences, 2009, 87, 33-91
Abstract: e Western Palaearctic is traditionally regarded as a zoogeographical unit which is lacking in primatological fauna. The representatives of this taxonomic group which has been documented within its boundary can be referred to the genera Macaca, Papio, and Chlorocebus, and possibly also to Erythrocebus and Galago. The data for the present research were collected through a review of all previous knowledge of the primates of this biogeographical region, including their history, and through original sightings and direct observation of fi eld signs. Surveys were carried out directly in North Africa, the peninsula of Gibraltar, and in the Sahara. Additional data on primate distribution were obtained through the examination and evaluation of the materials conserved in several museums. A historical and archaeological investigation was also carried out, appraising both archaeozoological fi ndings and prehistoric and ancient artistic production, in order to evaluate the importance of the monkeys of the Western Palaearctic in relation to local human activities and needs.
ISSN: 2037-0644
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Type: Article
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