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Title: Toward the West: the Acheulean complex of Santa-Anna Cave (Cáceres, Spain)
Authors: Canals Salomó, Antoni
Aranda Sánchez, Victoria
Barrero Martín, Nova
Bermejo Albarrán, Lucía
Campaña Lozano, Isidoro
Cánovas Calle, Isabel
Donadei, Paolo
García Vadillo, Francisco Javier
Mejías del Cosso, María Dolores
Marín, Juan
Modesto-Mata, Mario
Morcillo, Abel
Rabazo-Rodríguez, Ana María
Rodríguez-Hidalgo, Antonio
Carbonell, Eudald
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Museum d'Histoire Naturelle (Paris)
Citation: European Acheuleans. Northern v. Southern Europe: Hominins, technical behaviour, chronological and environmental contexts, 2014, p. 44-45
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Type: Presentation
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