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Title: Stature estimation based on tibial length in different stature groups of spanish males
Authors: Saco Ledo, Gonzalo
Porta, Jordi
Duyar, Izzet
Mateos Cachorro, Ana
Keywords: Forensic anthropology population data;Stature estimation;Secular trend;Tibia;Anthropometry
Issue Date: Nov-2019
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Forensic Science International, 2019, 304, 109973
Abstract: It is well-known that secular trends affect human stature and constitution, and this fact should be taken into consideration in forensic anthropology, especially in stature estimation. Recently, stature-group-specific equations have been developed to take into account these variations. The aim of the present study is to estimate living stature according to tibial length in different stature groups in a sample of Spanish adult males in order to improve the accuracy of previous equations. A cross-sectional study was conducted on a sample of 495 Spanish Caucasian participants who were randomized into two groups, the study group with 249 participants and the cross-validation group with 246 participants. Specific equations were obtained according to stature groups using the 15th and 85th percentiles as cut off points. The results showed that the coefficient of determination (R2) and standard error of estimation (SEE) were lower with the specific equations based on stature groups (R2 = 0.22–0.57; SEE = 2.12–2.66 cm) than the equation with all participants of the study group (R2 = 0.77; SEE = 3.29 cm). The equations were tested in the cross-validation group, whose results showed more accuracy in the equations for a stature <185.9 cm (i.e., in people with short and medium statures). In conclusion, the stature-group-specific equations based on tibial lengths of Spanish adult males are more accurate for stature estimation than other equations that have been formulated in the Spanish population. In forensic settings, it is recommended to use regression equations specific to stature groups when estimating stature.
ISSN: 0379-0738
DOI: 10.1016/j.forsciint.2019.109973
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Type: Article
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