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Title: Nuevos datos sobre el Cuaternario de Navarra: la colección paleontológica de Koskobilo (Olazti/Olazagutía)
Authors: Gómez-Olivencia, Azier
Arlegi, Mikel
Arceredillo Alonso, Diego
Delson, Eric
Sanchis Serra, Alfred
Núñez-Lahuerta, Carmen
Fernández-García, Mónica
Villalba, Mónica
Galán García, Julia
Pablos Fernández, Adrián
Rodríguez-Hidalgo, Antonio
López Horgue, Miguel Ángel
Martínez-Pillado, Virginia
Ríos Garaizar, Joseba
Rodríguez-Almagro, Manuel
Made, Jan van der
Keywords: Pleistoceno Medio;Pleistoceno Superior;Vertebrados fósiles;Paleolítico
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Asociación Española para el Estudio del Cuaternario (AEQUA)
Citation: XV Reunión Nacional de Cuaternario, 2019, p. 318-321
Abstract: The archaeopaleontological collection from Koskobilo is composed of hundreds of fossil and thousands of lithic remains, mostly recovered during the middle part of the 20th century. Here we present the complete paleontological study of the collection, which includes 36 mammal taxa, 6 avian taxa and a small fish vertebral collection. Additionally we have performed direct dating of a speleothem crust covering one of the rhinoceros teeth, which provides a minimum of 219 ka for part of the collection, the rest being from the Upper Pleistocene, mixed with some Holocene/recent elements. The paleontological collection from Koskobilo is one of the most important in the Western Pyrenees due to the scarcity of the local Middle Pleistocene fossil record and the rarity of some of the taxa represented, such as Ursus thibetanus, Macaca sylvanus and cf. Megaceroides.
ISBN: 978-84-17713-16-4
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Type: Book chapter
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