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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2020A descriptive and comparative study of two Early Pleistocene immature scapulae from the TD6.2 level of the Gran Dolina Cave site (Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain)Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Martínez de Pinillos, Marina; López-Polín, Lucía; Martín-Francés, Laura; García-Campos, Cecilia; Modesto-Mata, Mario; Rosell, Jordi; Martinón-Torres, María
Aug-2017A frontal lobe surface analysis in three archaic african human fossils: OH 9, Buia, and BodoBeaudet, Amélie; Bruner, Emiliano
Feb-2023A human lower third molar from the Acheulean site of Cueva del Ángel (Lucena, Córdoba, Spain)Bermúdez, Francisco J.; Martínez de Pinillos, Marina; Medina-Lara, Francisca; Barroso-Medina, Cecilia; Cabral-Mesa, Antonio L.; Santiago-Pérez, Antonio; Ortiz Menéndez, José Eugenio; Sánchez-Palencia, Yolanda; Saos, Thibaud; Grégoire, Sophie; Pois, Véronique; Vialet, Amélie; Monge Gómez, Guadalupe; Moigne, Anne-Marie; Caparrós, Miguel; Torres, Trinidad de; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Barroso-Ruiz, Cecilio
2015Brains, teeth and life histories in hominins: a reviewBermúdez de Castro, José María; Modesto-Mata, Mario; Martinón-Torres, María
Jan-2024Cognitive archaeology, and the psychological assessment of extinct mindsBruner, Emiliano
Sep-2023Cognitive Archeology and the Attentional System: An Evolutionary Mismatch for the Genus HomoBruner, Emiliano
Nov-2022Comparing the Boxgrove and Atapuerca (Sima de los Huesos) human fossils: Do they represent distinct paleodemes?Lockey, Annabelle L.; Rodríguez, Laura; Martín-Francés, Laura; Arsuaga, Juan Luis; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Crété, Lucile; Martinón-Torres, María; Parfitt, Simon A.; Pope, Matthew; Stringer, Chris
Dec-2016Continuity versus discontinuity of the human settlement of Europe between the Late Early Pleistocene and the Early Middle Pleistocene. The mandibular evidenceBermúdez de Castro, José María; Martinón-Torres, María; Rosell, Jordi; Blasco, Ruth; Arsuaga, Juan Luis; Carbonell, Eudald
Apr-2009Craniosynostosis in the Middle Pleistocene human Cranium 14 from the Sima de los Huesos, Atapuerca, SpainGracia-Téllez, Ana; Arsuaga, Juan Luis; Martínez, Ignacio; Lorenzo Merino, Carlos; Carretero Díaz, José Miguel; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Carbonell, Eudald
Feb-2017Diet and environment 1.2 million years ago revealed through analysis of dental calculus from Europe’s oldest hominin at Sima del Elefante, SpainHardy, Karen; Radini, Anita; Buckley, Stephen; Blasco, Ruth; Copeland, Les; Burjachs i Casas, Francesc; Girbal i Lladó, Josep; Yll i Aguirre, Errikarta-Imanol; Carbonell, Eudald; Bermúdez de Castro, José María
Apr-2012Early Pleistocene human humeri from the Gran Dolina‐TD6 site (Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain)Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Carretero Díaz, José Miguel; García-González, Rebeca; Rodríguez, Laura; Martinón-Torres, María; Rosell, Jordi; Blasco, Ruth; Martín-Francés, Laura; Modesto-Mata, Mario; Carbonell, Eudald
Oct-2021Effects of hybridization on pelvic morphology: a macaque modelBuck, Laura Tabitha; Katz, David C.; Ackermann, Rebecca Rogers; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Kanthaswamy, Sree; Weaver, Tim
Nov-2021Estimating sexual size dimorphism in fossil species from posterior probability densitiesSasaki, Tomohiko; Semaw, Sileshi; Rogers, Michael J.; Simpson, Scott W.; Beyene, Yonas; Asfaw, Berhane; White, Tim D.; Suwa, Gen
Mar-2017Evidence for expansion of the precuneus in human evolutionBruner, Emiliano; Preuss, Todd M.; Chen, Xu; Rilling, James K.
Sep-2022Food made us human: Recent genetic variability and its relevance to the current distribution of macronutrientsPalma-Morales, Marta; Mateos Cachorro, Ana; Rodríguez, Jesús; Casuso, Rafael A.; Huertas, Jesús R.
Feb-2013Geometric variation of the frontal squama in the genus Homo: frontal bulging and the origin of modern human morphologyBruner, Emiliano; Athreya, Sheela; Cuétara, José Manuel de la; Marks, Tarah
2017Hitos y lugares claves para la evolución humana en IberiaMartínez, Ignacio; Pablos Fernández, Adrián; Sala, Nohemi; Pantoja-Pérez, Ana; Conde-Valverde, Mercedes
Mar-2017Homo antecessor: the state of the art eighteen years laterBermúdez de Castro, José María; Martinón-Torres, María; Martín-Francés, Laura; Modesto-Mata, Mario; Martínez de Pinillos, Marina; García-Campos, Cecilia; Carbonell, Eudald
Jul-2019Human paleoneurology: shaping cortical evolution in fossil hominidsBruner, Emiliano
Apr-2019Il bacio di Zira, la sfera di Escher e la maledizione dell'uomo scimmiaBruner, Emiliano