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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2022ESR dating of quartz grains: Evaluating the performance of various cryogenic systems for dosimetric purposeGuilarte, Verónica; Fang, Fang; Grün, Rainer; Duval, Mathieu
Jul-2023On the age of Ain Hanech Oldowan locality (Algeria): First numerical dating resultsDuval, Mathieu; Sahnouni, Mohamed; Parés, Josep María; Zhao, Jian-xin; Grün, Rainer; Abdessadok, Salah; Pérez-González, Alfredo; Derradji, Abdelkader; Harichane, Zoheir; Mazouni, Nacim; Boulaghraief, Kamel; Chelli-Cheheb, Razika; van der Made, Jan
Aug-2015On the interest of using the multiple center approach in ESR dating of optically bleached quartz grains: some examples from the Early Pleistocene terraces of the Alcanadre River (Ebro basin, Spain)Duval, Mathieu; Sancho Marcén, Carlos; Calle, Mikel; Guilarte, Verónica; Peña Monné, José Luis
Jan-2012Portable gamma spectrometry with cerium-doped lanthanum bromide scintillators: suitability assessments for luminescence and electron spin resonance dating applicationsArnold, Lee J.; Duval, Mathieu; Falguères, Christophe; Bahain, Jean-Jacques; Demuro, Martina
May-2017Quantifying the impact of µCT-scanning of human fossil teeth on ESR age resultsDuval, Mathieu; Martín-Francés, Laura
2021Reconstructing the late Pleistocene climate sequence at Alexandra Cave, Naracoorte, using trapped charge dating and palaeoenvironmental proxiesPriya; Arnold, Lee J.; Duval, Mathieu; Guilarte, Verónica; Cohen, Timothy J.; Tyler, Jonathan; Demuro, Martina; Gadd, Patricia; Reed, Elizabeth H.
Dec-2015Revisiting the ESR chronology of the Early Pleistocene hominin occupation at Vallparadís (Barcelona, Spain)Duval, Mathieu; Bahain, Jean-Jacques; Falguères, Christophe; Garcia Garriga, Joan; Guilarte, Verónica; Grün, Rainer; Martínez Molina, Kenneth; Moreno García, Davinia; Shao, Qingfeng; Voinchet, Pierre
2018The Acheulean site of Porto Maior (Galicia, Spain): an example of successful combined ESR and luminescence dating applicationsDuval, Mathieu; Demuro, Martina; Arnold, Lee J.; Méndez Quintas, Eduardo; Santonja, Manuel; Pérez-González, Alfredo