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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A macaque model for the effects of admixture on body sizeBuck, Laura T.; Katz, David C.; Rogers Ackermann, Rebecca; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Kanthaswamy, Sree; Weaver, Timothy D.
2022A Pleistocene assemblage of near-modern Papio hamadryas from the Middle Awash study area, Afar Rift, EthiopiaBrasil, Marianne F.; Monson, Tesla A.; Taylor, Catherine E.; Yohler, Ryan M.; Hlusko, Leslea J.
2023Artificial neural networks to reconstruct missing perikymata in worn teethModesto-Mata, Mario; Fuente Valentín, Luis de la; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Martínez de Pinillos, Marina; Towle, Ian; García-Campos, Cecilia; Martinón-Torres, María; Bermúdez de Castro, José María
Oct-2021Association of EDARV370A with breast density and metabolic syndrome in LatinosColetta, Dawn K.; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Scott, George Richard; García, Luis A.; Vachon, Celine M.; Norman, Aaron D.; Funk, Janet L.; Shaibi, Gabriel Q.; Hernández, Valentina; Filippis, Eleanna de; Mandarino, Lawrence J.
Jan-2023Beringia and the peopling of the Western HemisphereHoffecker, John F.; Elias, Scott A.; Scott, G. Richard; O'Rourke, Dennis H.; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Potapova, Olga; Pitulko, Vladimir; Pavlova, Elena; Bourgeon, Lauriane; Vachula, Richard S.
Oct-2022Comment (Case 3847) – Support for proposed conservation of Simopithecus oswaldi Andrews, 1916 (currently Theropithecus oswaldi; Mammalia, Primates, Cercopithecidae) by reversal of precedence with Cynocephalus atlanticus Thomas, 1884 (see BZN 78: 99–106 [Case]; BZN 79: 53–54 [Comment]; BZN 79: 55–57 [authors' response to Comment])Elton, Sarah; Adams, Justin W.; Arenson, Julia L.; Beaudet, Amélie; Belmaker, Miriam; Harrison, Terry; Jolly, Clifford J.; Hlusko, Leslea J.
Apr-2022Conserved and Taxon-Specific Patterns of Phenotypic Modularity in the Mammalian DentitionTakenaka, Risa; Clay, Selene M; Yoo, Sunwoo; Hlusko, Leslea J.
Oct-2021Effects of hybridization on pelvic morphology: a macaque modelBuck, Laura Tabitha; Katz, David C.; Ackermann, Rebecca Rogers; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Kanthaswamy, Sree; Weaver, Tim
2023Employing the power of the Tooth Fairy or Ratón Pérez in developing a community-engaged scientific collection of deciduous teethMartínez de Pinillos, Marina; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Modesto-Mata, Mario; Towle, Ian; Martinón-Torres, María; Moreno-Torres, Chitina; Fernandez, Pilar; Martín-Francés, Laura
2022Evidence of Selection in the Ectodysplasin Pathway among Endangered Aquatic MammalsFont-Porterias, Neus; McNelis, Madeline G.; Comas, David; Hlusko, Leslea J.
Jul-2022Evolutionary adaptation highlights the interconnection of fatty acids, sunlight, inflammation and epithelial adhesionHlusko, Leslea J.; McNelis, Madeline G.
2023ForewordHlusko, Leslea J.
2022Halibee fossil assemblages reveal later Pleistocene cercopithecins (Cercopithecidae: Primates) in the Middle Awash of EthiopiaTaylor, Catherine E.; Brasil, Marianne F.; Monson, Tesla A.; Yohler, Ryan M.; Hlusko, Leslea J.
2023How enamel thickness, mineral concentration and mechanical properties influence tooth wear and fractures in catarrhine molar crownsTowle, Ian; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Martínez de Pinillos, Marina; Modesto-Mata, Mario; Irish, Joel D.; loch, Carolina
2021Human Paleo-Genomics and beringian landscapesHoffecker, John F.; Raff, Jennifer ‎; O’Rourke, Dennis H.; Tackney, Justin C.; Potapova, Olga; Elias, Scott A.; Hlusko, Leslea J.; Scott, George Richard
2022Hundreds of Colobus (Cercopithecidae: Primates) fossils from the later Pleistocene of Ethiopia's Middle Awash study areaBrasil, Marianne F.; Monson, Tesla A.; Taylor, Catherine E.; Yohler, Ryan M.; Hlusko, Leslea J.
2022Hundreds of Colobus fossils from the Late Pleistocene of the Afar Rift, EthiopiaBrasil, Marianne F.; Monson, Tesla A.; Taylor, Catherine E.; Yohler, Ryan M.; Hlusko, Leslea J.
Aug-2022Keeping 21st Century Paleontology Grounded: Quantitative Genetic Analyses and Ancestral State Reconstruction Re-Emphasize the Essentiality of FossilsMonson, Tesla A.; Brasil, Marianne F.; Mahaney, Michael C.; Schmitt, Christopher A.; Taylor, Catherine E.; Hlusko, Leslea J.
2023OH 89: A newly described ~1.8-million-year-old hominid clavicle from Olduvai GorgeTaylor, Catherine; Masao, Fidelis; Njau, Jackson K.; Songita, Agustino Venance; Hlusko, Leslea J.
2023“People with disabilities are left with another layer of complexity”: Inclusive design and science communication in college paleobiology and paleoanthropology coursesLepore, Taormina; Lu, Jenny; Armstrong, Laura; Hlusko, Leslea J.