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Title: The use of micro-computed tomography in Cultural Heritage
Authors: Notario Collado, Belén
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: The British Museum
Citation: 3D Imaging in Cultural Heritage Conference, 2017
Abstract: One of the current problems within the historical, archaeological, and cultural heritage is to update the guidelines, methods, criteria, and technologies that should be used in interventions on the objects of cultural property. Traditionally the studies of the archaeological materials have been carried out directly on the original piece, which has supposed an excess of manipulation of the same one. Also, it was also a common practice for researchers to sacrifice some pieces (even single) for the elaboration of complete sections, in order to know in depth the materials. All this problems needed the emergence of new analytical technologies to avoid these problems. X-ray computed tomography emerges as a powerful method in the study, for instance, of archaeological objects allowing to make a virtual study of the complete morphology (both internal and external) of the piece, and to minimize excessive manipulation of the original. The use of this technique in the field of cultural heritage is very useful, since it is a non-destructive method that does not damage the sample in the process of analysis and measurement. Furthermore, once the 3D reconstruction is obtained, anyone can work on the piece and analyze all the parameters they want from all over the world. Likewise, this method is also useful for restorers allowing them to know how much they have to remove the residues present in the piece. In this work, different archeological samples and problems related to the field of cultural heritage have been studied with the use of an X-ray micro-computed tomographer. The results obtained, that will be shown in the presentation, are very promising, which makes CT scanning a very useful tool with a favorable future in the field of cultural heritage.
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