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Title: Reconstruction of physical palaeolandscapes applying geomorphological analysis and GIS techniques
Authors: Benito-Calvo, Alfonso
Keywords: Landscape reconstruction;Geomorphological maps;Palaeoreliefs;DEM;GIS
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: SAP Società Archeologica
Citation: APSAT 1: Teoria e metodi della ricerca sui paesaggi d´altura, 2012, 27-40
Abstract: The geomorphological analysis and numerical reconstruction of physical landscapes provides information about the genesis and paleogeographical environments of archaeological and palaeontological occurrences. The modelling procedures are based on the study of the geomorphic processes and the relict landforms, from which is possible to estimate quantitatively the reliefs and landscapes of the past, using Geographical Information Systems. In this work, input datasets and methodological procedures to carried out these reconstructions are discussed, and possible derived applications for the paleolandscape studies are described.
ISBN: 978-88-87115-72-7
Type: Book chapter
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