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Title: Reply to Comment by Domínguez-Villar on “Land surface temperature changes in Northern Iberia since 4000 yr BP, based in δ13C of speleothems” (Martín-Chivelet et al., 2011)
Authors: Martín Chivelet, Javier
Muñoz-García, María Belén
Edwards, Richard Lawrence
Turrero, María Jesús
Ortega Martínez, Ana Isabel
Keywords: Climate change;Paleoclimate;Speleothem;Stable isotopes;Holocene;Iberia
Issue Date: Jan-2013
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Global and Planetary Change, 2013, 101, 129-130
Abstract: We have considered the additional data that Domínguez-Villar (this issue) has provided, as well as his criticisms of the interpretations of Martín-Chivelet et al. (2011). We argue that with or without the additional data, our original interpretations are the most likely interpretations, on the basis of Ockham's Razor. Those of Domínguez-Villar violate Ockham's Razor, and in the final analysis do not offer an alternative explanation for the Martín-Chivelet et al. (2011) and Domínguez-Villar (this issue) data. In particular, all of the 230Th ages (reported by both Martín-Chivelet et al. (2011) and Domínguez-Villar (this issue)) are in stratigraphic order, within quoted errors, so that our original chronology is robust, with no reason to invoke diagenetic processes. Given this chronology, the empirical relationship between δ13C and temperature also hold. Finally, our original mechanism for the cause of this relationship (prior calcite precipitation) has been invoked in a number of other studies to explain carbon isotopic variations and remains a perfectly plausible explanation for the observations at the studied caves.
ISSN: 0921-8181
DOI: 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2012.12.005
Type: Article
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