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Title: Flint as raw material in prehistoric times: Cantabrian Mountain and Western Pyrenees data
Authors: Tarriño Vinagre, Antonio
Elorrieta Baigorri, Irantzu
García Rojas, Maite
Keywords: Flint;Chert;Basque-Cantabrian basin;Cantabrian mountains;Sud-Aquitanian basin;Western Pyrenees
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Quaternary International, 2015, 364, 94-108
Abstract: Currently, investigations about siliceous resources exploited during prehistoric times in the Cantabrian Mountain and Western Pyrenees are still scarce and, generally, they did not employ methods which go deeply into the provenance characteristics. A review of the studies of lithic resource exploitation offered by historiography indicates that the theme has been examined in a generalized way in most cases. A model with a clear difference between the Eastern and Western territory of the Cantabrian Coast was created: an area with flint and an area without flint. This model needs to be qualified, because in recent years siliceous outcrops have been discovered in zones of the Western Cantabrian Mountains (Asturias). Information from the investigations in the Cantabrian Mountains, Basque-Cantabrian Basin, and Western Pyrenees indicates diverse patterns. There is a preference for lithic raw material found near the occupations, together with the inclusion of exotic or distant flints, always of good quality, to a greater or lesser extent, according to the chronological periods and the geographical location.
ISSN: 1040-6182
DOI: 10.1016/j.quaint.2014.10.061
Type: Article
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