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Title: Rock Magnetism of Lapilli and Lava Flows from Cumbre Vieja Volcano, 2021 Eruption (La Palma, Canary Islands): Initial Reports
Authors: Parés, Josep María
Vernet, Eva
Calvo-Rathert, Manuel
Soler, Vicente
Bógalo Román, María Felicidad
Álvaro Gallo, Ana
Keywords: Rock magnetism;Canary Islands;Recent volcanic eruption;Lapilli;Basaltic lava flow
Issue Date: Jul-2022
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Geosciences, 2022, 12(7), 271
Abstract: We present initial rock magnetic results for both lava flows and lapilli produced by the 2021 eruption of the Cumbre Vieja, La Palma (Canary Islands). Samples were taken during the eruption to minimize early alteration and weathering of the rocks and tephra. Standard procedures included progressive alternating field and thermal demagnetization, hysteresis curves, thermomagnetic experiments, progressive acquisition of isothermal remanent magnetization (IRM), and First-Order Reversal Curves (FORCs). Overall, our observations, including low to medium unblocking temperatures, isothermal remanent magnetization to 1 Tesla, and the abundance of wasp-waist hysteresis loops, strongly suggest the presence of Ti-rich titanomagnetites as the main remanence carriers in both lava flows and lapilli, in addition to some hematite as well. Whereas the former has been directly seen (SEM), hematite is elusive with nonmagnetic-based methods. Rock magnetic data, on a Day plot, also reveal that the magnetic grain size tends to be larger in the lava flows than in the lapilli.
ISSN: 2076-3263
DOI: 10.3390/geosciences12070271
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Type: Article
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