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Title: Locating an ancient anchorage at Tel Akko (Israel) using subsurface imaging: 2019 results
Authors: Bergevin, Logan
Jol, Harry M.
Sailer-Haugland, Ethan
Artzy, Michal
Salmon, Yossi‏
Giaime, Matthieu
López Cadavid, Gloria I.
Abu-Hamid, Amani
Keywords: GPR;Sandstone;Marine;Reflection;Sediment
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Citation: 18th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Rada, 2020, p. 455
Abstract: Tel Akko, Israel is an ancient archaeological and UNESCO World Heritage site located along the dynamic Levantine coastline. Historical settlement of Tel Akko began 4,000 years ago along the northern coastline of the Haifa Bay. Between the Late Bronze age to the Hellenistic period, Tel Akko grew to become a well-connected port city. Geographically, the site benefitted due to its proximity to the Haifa Bay, connection to the Na’aman River Estuary, and the surrounding flat fertile Zevulon Plain. Nilotic (Nile) sediments carried northward by littoral drift prograded Tel Akko’s coastline, causing an exodus from the site as it became landlocked. To identify possible anchorage sites, five grids were collected using ground penetrating radar (GPR) during the summer of 2019. A Sensors and Software p ulseEKKO PRO 1000 GPR system was utilized to collect each grid, with an antennae frequency of 500 MHz. Survey collection occurred on the south and southwest embankments where marine and fluvial sands are most abundant in the sediment cores taken at Tel Akko. Data from previous years were analyzed to supplement and enhance earlier findings, as well as identify other features that could aid in understanding Tel Akko’s development.
Description: Ponencia presentada en: 18th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Rada, 14-19 de junio 2020, Golden, Colorado
ISSN: 2159-6832
DOI: 10.1190/gpr2020-002.1
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Type: Presentation
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