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Title: O achelense na cunca do Texo: sector Añover de Tajo-embalse de Valdecañas
Authors: Rodríguez de Tembleque Moreno, Juan María
Santonja, Manuel
Pérez-González, Alfredo
Keywords: Geoarchaeology;Pleistocene;Texo basin;Fluvial terraces;First occupations;Acheulian
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Instituto de Estudios Miñoranos
Citation: Estudos sobre Paleolítico: homenaxe a Xosé María Alvarez Blázquez (2), 2008, 271-292
Abstract: Prospections of fluvial Pleistocene deposits aimed to the location of lithic industry in stratigraphic position have been carried out, in the latest years, in the sector of the river Texo middle basin comprised from the river Algodor mouth to El Puente del Arzobispo village. A synthesis of the obtained results and a general evaluation of them are displayed in this article. It is remarcable the human occupation traces ascribable to the period of time comprising the formation of the +105 m and +50 m terraces of the river Texo, inclusive. Likewise it is worth noticing the discovery of the acheulian archaeological site of Puente Pino, which nowdays is being sistematicaly excavated and studied, as well as the confirmation of the archaeological character of La Casa del Guarda site, both dating from the Middle Pleistocene and with industry in primary position; the second one, besides, containing associated fauna.
ISBN: 978-84-96950-72-6
Type: Book chapter
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