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Title: Estudo xeoarqueolóxico das terrazas complexas dos vales Manzanares e Jarama (Madrid)
Authors: Panera Gallego, Joaquín
Rubio Jara, Susana
Pérez-González, Alfredo
Uribelarrea del Val, David
Keywords: Pleistocene;Fluvial deposits;Prospecting;Madrid Basin
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Instituto de Estudios Miñoranos
Citation: Estudos sobre Paleolítico: homenaxe a Xosé María Alvarez Blázquez (2), 2008, 223-242
Abstract: With the objective to update the knowledge of the human Pleistocene occupations in Madrid basin, in 2003 a group of multidisciplinary investigation started a discretionary and selective follow-up of the fronts of gravel and sand quarries of the open exploitations in the low sections of the Manzanares and Jarama rivers. The developed work has provided the localization of deposits with industry, fauna and/or register pollinic that go from the MIS 9/11 to the MIS 3, between those who stand out the excavation in extension of three Pleistocene beds, and the realization of soundings with lithic industry and/or fauna in diverse points. Also they have dated deposits and grounds of the Tardiglacial (MIS 2) and of the Holoceno (MIS 1), for which at present disposes of to him a good chronological closeness of the terraces of the Manzanares valley and of the litostratigraphic units of the Arganda complex terrace of the Jarama river, as well as the fauna and industry become a partner of the same thing.
ISBN: 978-84-96950-72-6
Type: Book chapter
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