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Title: Assesing regional geodiversity: the Iberian Peninsula
Authors: Benito-Calvo, Alfonso
Pérez-González, Alfredo
Magri, Odette
Meza, Perdomo
Keywords: Geodiversity;Terrain classification;Spatial pattern analysis;Iberian Peninsula;GIS;DEM;DTM
Issue Date: Jul-2009
Publisher: Wiley
Citation: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 2009, 34 (10), 1433-1445
Abstract: Geodiversity is a landscape characteristic related to the heterogeneity of the physical properties of the earth surface. In this work, we quantify and compare geodiversity in several geodynamic zones of the Iberian Peninsula. For this purpose, we have developed a geographic information system (GIS) procedure to carry out a regional terrain classification based on geodiversity factors. A classification process helped to produce a morphometric map (10 classes), a morphoclimatic map (five classes) and a geological map (15 classes). These three maps were combined using an overlay operation (union) to obtain the final terrain classification (419 classes), which was then applied to calculate diversity landscape indices. The latter were calculated using common landscape diversity indices (Patch Richness Density, Shannon's Diversity Index, Shannon's Evenness Index, Simpson's Diversity Index and Simpson's Evenness Index), provided by FRAGSTATS free software. These indices were calculated for the whole landscape of the main Iberian geological regions, thus revealing a close relationship between some index values and the geological and geomorphological characteristics. The highest diversity values are associated with Alpine collisional orogens and reactivated chains of the Precambrian‐Palaeozoic massif. Intraplate orogen with sedimentary cover, characterized by extensive planation surfaces, have lower values. Mesozoic areas with no significant tectonic deformation and Cenozoic basins are characterized by the lowest diversity values. Amongst the latter, the major diversity is associated with the most dissected basins, which also present higher morphoclimatic variety. Though depending on the chosen scale and the landscape classification criteria, these indices provide an objective assessment of the regional geodiversity of Iberia.
ISSN: 0197-9337
DOI: 10.1002/esp.1840
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Type: Article
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