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Title: El Cañizar de Villarquemado lacustrine sequence: the first long continental multiproxy palaeoenvironmental record from the Eemian to the Holocene in NE
Authors: González-Sampériz, Penélope
Valero Garcés, B. L.
Moreno Caballud, Ana
Gil Romera, Graciela M.
Morellón Marteles, Mario
Santos Fidalgo, Luísa
Sevilla Callejo, Miguel
García-Prieto, Eduardo
Aranbarri Erkiaga, Josu
Arnold, Lee J.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Universidad de Salamanca
Citation: Joint RCMNS-RCANS Interim Colloquium: Climate changes, bioevents and geochronology in the Atlantic and Mediterranean over the last 23 Myr, 2011, p. 127-128
Type: Presentation
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