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Title: Geological study of the deposits of the acheulean site of la Noira (Les Fougères, Brinay, Cher, France): contributions for the knowledge of the fluviatile sequences of the Cher valley (stratigraphy, sedimentology, mineralogy, micromorphology, geochronology and palaeomagnetism)
Authors: Puaud, Simon
Moreno García, Davinia
Chapon-Sao, Cécile
Chantreau, Yoann
Voinchet, Pierre
Despriée, Jackie
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Museum d'Histoire Naturelle (Paris)
Citation: European Acheuleans. Northern v. Southern Europe: Hominins, technical behaviour, chronological and environmental contexts, 2014, p. 72-73
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Type: Presentation
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