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Title: New chronological data (ESR and ESR/U-series) for the earliest Acheulean sites of Northwestern Europe
Authors: Voinchet, Pierre
Bahain, Jean-Jacques
Moreno García, Davinia
Falguères, Christophe
Tissoux, Hélène
Schreve, Danielle C.
Candy, Ian
Antoine, Pierre-Olivier
Ashton, Nick
Beamish, Matthew
Cliquet, Dominique
Despriée, Jackie
Lewis, Simon G.
Limondin-Lozouet, Nicole
Locht, Jean-Luc
Parfitt, Simon A.
Pope, Matthieu
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Museum d'Histoire Naturelle (Paris)
Citation: European Acheuleans. Northern v. Southern Europe: Hominins, technical behaviour, chronological and environmental contexts, 2014, p. 40-41
Abstract: In order to refine the chronological framework of the earliest Acheulian settlement of northwestern Europe, Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) and Combined Electron Spin Resonance and U-series (ESR/U-series) dating methods were applied respectively on quartz extracted from fluvial and littoral sediments and on teeth from different localities in target areas in France and England: In France, dated sites are located in the fossil alluvial deposits of the Middle Loire River Basin, Somme and Seine fluvial systems; in England the sites are located in East Anglia, the east Midlands and southern England, in the deposits of the Bytham, Solent and Thames fluvial systems. Methodological basis, experimental protocols and results will be presented and discussed.
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