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Title: La Pileta 100 years later. Comprehensive study through new technologies of an exceptional cave
Authors: Parrilla Giráldez, Rubén
Simón Vallejo, María Dolores
Cortés Sánchez, Miguel
Mayoral Valsera, Juan
Calle Román, Lydia
Gavilán Zaldúa, María
Macías Tejada, Sara
Odriozola Lloret, Carlos P.
Jiménez Barredo, Fernando
Monge Gómez, Guadalupe
Keywords: SfM;Cave;Hybrid system;Image analysis;Hyperespectral
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (IUPPS)
Citation: XVIII World UISPP Congress, 2018
Abstract: La Pileta Cave (Benaoján, Málaga) was discovered in 1905. Up to now, several hundred of graphic representations carried out during the Upper Palaeolithic have been documented. In 2016, a comprehensive documentation project for this field was launched. For this purpose, a high-resolution topographic documentation of the whole cavern is being carried out by the development of a system designed specifically for this project. Likewise, all the archaeological and graphic remains are being documented in an integral way. In this case, through technologies of digital analysis of photographic and hyperspectral images, characterization of pigments and dating (14C/AMS and U-Th), among others.
Type: Presentation
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