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Title: Neuromarketing and Middle Stone Age: attention and emotion in handling tools
Authors: Fedato, Annapaola
Silva-Gago, María
Alonso Alcalde, Rodrigo
Fernández-Durantes, María Ángeles
Martín-Guerra, Elena
Bruner, Emiliano
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: European Association of Archaeologists
Citation: 24th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, 2018, p. 138
Abstract: Cognitive archaeology deals with behavioral inference based on archaeological record. Paleoneurological evidence suggested specialized visuospatial brain areas in modern humans, when compared with extinct human species. Visuospatial functions include body-environment and eye-hand-tool integration, visual imaging, simulation, and body cognition. In extinct populations, visuospatial behaviors can be investigated through information provided by lithic technology, skeletal biology, and ecology. Here, we propose methods used in neuromarketing to quantify some aspects of the haptic experience when handling traditional lithic tools. These methods are based on electrodermal measurements, and can be used during behavioral performances through remote devices. Two main aspects concern emotional involvement and attention levels. We tested electrodermal variables in a sample of adult individuals while handling Early and Middle Stone Age stone tools. Subjects were blindfolded as to evaluate whether the hand-tool experience can influence emotional conditions only as a consequence of the physical interaction Result suggests differences between males and females, and between distinct tools. These approaches supply an additional perspective to link archaeological artifacts with cognitive responses. Results are relevant to make inferences of possible changes along the archaeological record, but also to evaluate to what extent tools can influence our cognitive processes, by virtue of their properties (haptic affordance). This approach can be further interpreted within general hypotheses on cognitive extension.
ISBN: 978-80-907270-3-8 (European Association of Archaeologists)
978-84-9168-140-3 (Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona, vol. 1)
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Type: Presentation
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