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Title: The Lower Magdalenian in Cantabrian Spain: level G1 at El Cierro Cave (Fresnu, Ribadesella, Asturias)
Authors: Álvarez Fernández, Esteban
Bécares Pérez, Julián
Jordá Pardo, Jesús Francisco
Álvarez Alonso, David
Carral, Pilar
Domingo Martínez, Rafael Antonio
Elorza, Mikelo
Gabriel, Sónia Marques
Haber Uriarte, María
García-Ibaibarriaga, Naroa
Iriarte Chiapusso, María José
Martín Jarque, Sergio
Murelaga, Xabier
Portero, Rodrigo
Suárez-Bilbao, Aitziber
Tapia, Jesús
Tarriño Vinagre, Antonio
Uzquiano, Paloma
Keywords: El Cierro Cave;Lower Magdalenian;Upper Pleistocene;Cantabrian Spain
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (IUPPS)
Citation: XVIII World UISPP Congress, 2018
Abstract: El Cierro Cave possesses one of the most complete prehistoric sequences in northern Spain, since its different levels cover the period from the late Middle Palaeolithic to the Mesolithic. In the late 1950s, Professor Francisco Jordá Cerdá excavated the deposit and attributed Layer 5 (later called Level IV) to the upper-final Solutrean. From 1977 to 1979, this archaeologist and Alejandro Gómez Fuentes cleaned the section left by the previous excavation, took samples from each level, and excavated three Lower Magdalenian levels (Levels F, G and G1). However, the data from this fieldwork were never published. Since 2014, an interdisciplinary team lead by the University of Salamanca has been carrying out new research at the site. This communication presents the study of the archaeological remains (fauna, lithic and osseous industry, portable art, etc.) from Level G1. This Lower Magdalenian level is dated in ca. 15,500 BP.
Type: Presentation
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