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Title: Raw material study of the Mousterian lithic assemblage of Navalmaíllo Rockshelter (Pinilla del Valle, Spain): preliminary results
Authors: Abrunhosa, Ana
Márquez, Belén
Baquedano, Enrique
Bicho, Nuno Ferreira
Pérez-González, Alfredo
Arsuaga, Juan Luis
Keywords: Middle Paleolithic;Lithics;Raw material procurement;Navalmaíllo rockshelter;Neanderthals
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Associação Portuguesa para o Estudo do Quaternário
Citation: Estudos do Quaternário, 2014, 11, 19-25
Abstract: This article presents the PhD project under the supervision of Nuno Bicho and Enrique Baquedano, which aims to study the origin of raw materials from the Mousterian lithic sets of the Calvero de la Higuera sites. At this first stage of the project the main objective is the determination and characterization of the raw materials present at the sites.
ISSN: 2182-8660
Type: Article
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