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Title: The Hlinsko-Kouty i Site and the only stratified Aurignacian-like assemblage with a bifacial triangular point in Moravia
Authors: Demidenko, Yuri E.
Škrdla, Petr
Ríos Garaizar, Joseba
Keywords: Moravia;Morava-type Aurignacian;Míškovice-type;Carinated burin-cores;Bifacial triangular point
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Archeologicky ustav Akademie ved Ceske republiky
Citation: Prehled vyzkumu, 2018, 59 (1), 17-34
Abstract: A salvage excavation carried out in Hlinsko quarry in 2006 yielded a collection of Aurignacian-like artifacts supplemented by a bifacial triangular point. Recently, a refitting attempt documented on-site reduction of a carinated burin-core and shaping/thinning of the bifacial point. Subsequently, a use-wear study supported the homogeneity of the assemblage. The assemblage relates to the Morava-type Aurignacian (B. Klíma) or Míškovice-type Upper Paleolithic industry (M. Oliva) previously known in Moravia for lithic assemblages originating only from surface find spots. At the same time, some similar excavated Upper Paleolithic assemblages combining Aurignacian-like and Szeletian-like features are also known in Eastern Europe.
ISSN: 1211-7250
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Type: Article
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