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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014Early human settlements in Northern Africa: paleomagnetic evidence from the Ain Hanech Formation (Northeastern Algeria)Parés, Josep María; Sahnouni, Mohamed; Made, Jan van der; Pérez-González, Alfredo; Harichane, Zoheir; Derradji, Abdelkader; Medig, Mohamed
2018Evidence of Homo erectus subsistence activities from the Acheulean site of Tighennif (Algeria)Chelli-Cheheb, Razika; Cáceres, Isabel; Sahnouni, Mohamed; Abdessadok, Salah; Harichane, Zoheir; Made, Jan van der
2019Homo erectus subsistence activities in North Africa: new evidence from the Lower Pleistocene site of Tighennif (Mascara, Algeria)Chelli-Cheheb, Razika; Sahnouni, Mohamed; Cáceres, Isabel; Duval, Mathieu; Arnold, Lee J.; Parés, Josep María; Abdessadok, Salah; Harichane, Zoheir; Made, Jan van der; Pérez-González, Alfredo
Sep-2014In situ conservation strategies: a case study of archeopaleontological remains from the Early Pleistocene site of El-Kherba (Ain Hanech), AlgeriaLacasa Marquina, Elena; Fernández Colón, Pilar; Hamlat, Aldjia; Marouf, Latefa; Harichane, Zoheir; Sahnouni, Mohamed
Jul-2023On the age of Ain Hanech Oldowan locality (Algeria): First numerical dating resultsDuval, Mathieu; Sahnouni, Mohamed; Parés, Josep María; Zhao, Jian-xin; Grün, Rainer; Abdessadok, Salah; Pérez-González, Alfredo; Derradji, Abdelkader; Harichane, Zoheir; Mazouni, Nacim; Boulaghraief, Kamel; Chelli-Cheheb, Razika; Van der Made, Jan
Nov-2021The Plio-Pleistocene sequence of Oued Boucherit (Algeria): a unique chronologically-constrained archaeological and palaeontological record in North AfricaDuval, Mathieu; Sahnouni, Mohamed; Parés, Josep María; Made, Jan van der; Abdessadok, Salah; Harichane, Zoheir; Chelli-Cheheb, Razika; Boulaghraief, Kamel; Pérez-González, Alfredo