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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Comparing endocranial surfaces: mesh superimposition and coherent point drift registrationDupej, Ján; Rangel de Lázaro, Gizéh; Pereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Píšová, Hana; Pelikán, Josef; Bruner, Emiliano
2018Comparison of parietal lobe morphology in modern humans and NeandertalsPereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Bruner, Emiliano; Gunz, Philipp; Neubauer, Simon
2018Landmarking endocastsPereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Bruner, Emiliano
2015Landmarks y moldes endocraneales: una evaluación del error en paleoneurologíaPereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Cuétara, José Manuel de la; Bruner, Emiliano
Nov-2017Midsagittal brain variation among non-human primates: insights into evolutionary expansion of the human precuneusPereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Rilling, James K.; Chen, Xu; Preuss, Todd M.; Bruner, Emiliano
Apr-2016Parietal bone thickness and vascular diameters in adult modern humans: a survey on cranial remainsEisová, Stanislava; Rangel de Lázaro, Gizéh; Píšová, Hana; Pereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Bruner, Emiliano
Jul-2019Parietal lobe variation in cercopithecid endocastsPereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Beaudet, Amélie; Bruner, Emiliano
2018Parietal surface variation in cercopithecoic endocastsPereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Beaudet, Amélie; Bruner, Emiliano
Oct-2017Patterns of morphological integration between parietal and temporal areas in the human skullBruner, Emiliano; Pereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Bastir, Markus
May-2017Precuneus proportions and cortical folding: a morphometric evaluation on a racially diverse human sampleBruner, Emiliano; Pereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Chen, Xu; Rilling, James K.
Dec-2017Shape analysis of spatial relationships between orbito-ocular and endocranial structures in modern humans and fossil hominidsPereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Masters, Michael P.; Bruner, Emiliano
Nov-2016Sulcal pattern, extension, and morphology of the precuneus in adult humansPereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Bruner, Emiliano
2016The brain and the braincase: fronto-temporal morphology and the orbital spacePereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Masters, Michael P.; Bruner, Emiliano
2018The evolution of the parietal lobes in the Genus HomoBruner, Emiliano; Amano, Hideki; Pereira-Pedro, Ana Sofía; Ogihara, Naomichi