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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2017A resilient landscape at Teixoneres Cave (MIS 3; Moià, Barcelona, Spain): the Neanderthals as disrupting agentRosell, Jordi; Blasco, Ruth; Rivals, Florent; Chacón Navarro, María Gema; Arilla Osuna, Maite; Camarós, Edgard; Sánchez-Hernández, Carlos; Picin, Andrea; Andrés Eguiburu, Miriam‏; Blain, Hugues-Alexandre; López-García, Juan Manuel; Iriarte, Eneko; Cebrià, Artur
Aug-2017Hunted or scavenged Neanderthals? Taphonomic approach to hominin fossils with carnivore damageCamarós, Edgard; Cueto, Marián; Rosell, Jordi; Díez Fernández-Lomana, Juan Carlos; Blasco, Ruth; Duhig, Corinne; Darlas, Andreas; Harvati, Katerina; Jordá Pardo, Jesús Francisco; Montes Ramírez, Lourdes‏; Villaverde Bonilla, Valentín; Rivals, Florent
Dec-2020Testing the damage caused by a golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) on a primate skull: a taphonomic case study of the bone damage observed after a simulated predatory attackRufà Bonache, Anna; Alonso, Goizane; Blasco, Ruth; Cueto, Marián; Camarós, Edgard
Jun-2016The radiocarbon approach to Neanderthals in a carnivore den site: a well-defined chronology for Teixoneres Cave (Moià, Barcelona, Spain)Talamo, Sahra; Blasco, Ruth; Rivals, Florent; Picin, Andrea; Chacón Navarro, María Gema; Iriarte, Eneko; López-García, Juan Manuel; Blain, Hugues-Alexandre; Arilla Osuna, Maite; Rufà Bonache, Anna; Sánchez-Hernández, Carlos; Andrés Eguiburu, Miriam‏; Camarós, Edgard; Ballesteros, Anna; Cebrià, Artur; Rosell, Jordi; Hublin, Jean-Jacques
2016The taphonomy of carnivore predation and scavenging on humans: new methods and techniquesCueto, Marián; Blasco, Ruth; Tornero Dacasa, Carlos; Viscardi, Paolo; Harvati, Katerina; Darlas, Andreas; Camarós, Edgard