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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2016OSL dating of individual quartz ‘supergrains’ from the Ancient Middle Palaeolithic site of Cuesta de la Bajada, SpainArnold, Lee J.; Duval, Mathieu; Demuro, Martina; Spooner, Nigel A.; Santonja, Manuel; Pérez-González, Alfredo
Feb-2016Are published ESR dose assessments on fossil tooth enamel reliable?Duval, Mathieu; Grün, Rainer
Jan-2016Comments on “ESR dating of the Majuangou and Banshan Paleolithic sites in the Nihewan basin, North China” by Liu et al. (2014)Duval, Mathieu
Jul-2016Dating the Earliest Pleistocene alluvial terrace of the Alcanadre River (Ebro basin, NE Spain): insights into the landscape evolution and involved processesSancho Marcén, Carlos; Calle, Mikel; Peña Monné, José Luis; Duval, Mathieu; Oliva-Urcia, Belén; Pueyo, Emilio L.; Benito, Gerardo; Moreno Caballud, Ana
Mar-2016Evaluating the potential of Q-Band ESR spectroscopy for dose reconstruction of fossil tooth enamelGuilarte, Verónica; Trompier, François; Duval, Mathieu
2016On the fallacy of using orthogenetic models of rectilinear change in arvicolid teeth for estimating the age of the first human settlements in Western EuropePalmqvist, Paul; Duval, Mathieu; Diéguez, Antonio; Ros-Montoya, Sergio; Espígares Ortiz, María Patrocinio
Jul-2016Middle Pleistocene vertebrate fossils from the Nefud Desert, Saudi Arabia: implications for biogeography and palaeoecologyStimpson, Christopher M.; Lister, Adrian; Parton, Ash; Clark-Balzan, Laine; Breeze, Paul S.; Drake, Nicholas A.; Groucutt, Huw S.; Jennings, Richard P.; Scerri, Eleanor; White, Tom S.; Zahir, Muhammad; Duval, Mathieu; Grün, Rainer; Al-Omari, Abdulaziz; Al-Murayyi, Khaled Sultan M.; Zalmout, Iyaed S.; Almufarreh, Yahya; Memesh, Abdullah M.; Petraglia, Michael D.
Jun-2016Age and context of the oldest known hominin fossils from FloresBrumm, Adam; Bergh, Gerrit D. van den; Storey, Michael; Kurniawan, Iwan; Alloway, B. V.; Setiawan, Ruly; Setiyabudi, Erick; Grün, Rainer; Moore, Mark W.; Yurnaldi, Dida; Puspaningrum, Mika R.; Wibowo, Unggul P.; Insani, Halmi; Sutisna, Indra; Westgate, John A.; Pearce, Nick J. G.; Duval, Mathieu; Meijer, Hanneke Johanna Maria; Aziz, Fachroel; Sutikna, Thomas; Kaars, Sander van der; Flude, Stephanie; Morwood, M. J.
Sep-2016The effect of grain size on carbonate contaminant removal from tooth enamel: towards an improved pretreatment for radiocarbon datingWood, Rachel; Duval, Mathieu; Mai Huong, Nguyen Thi; Tuan, Nguyenanh; Bacon, Anne-Marie; Demeter, Fabrice; Duringer, Philippe; Oxenham, Marc; Piper, Philip J.