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May-2017Quantifying the impact of µCT-scanning of human fossil teeth on ESR age resultsDuval, Mathieu; Martín-Francés, Laura
2015La datation ESR/U-Th de restes paléontologiques, un outil pour estimer le possible remaniement des niveaux archéologiques?Bahain, Jean-Jacques; Falguères, Christophe; Shao, Qingfeng; Tombret, Olivier; Duval, Mathieu; Dolo, Jean-Michel
Feb-2016Are published ESR dose assessments on fossil tooth enamel reliable?Duval, Mathieu; Grün, Rainer
Sep-2016OSL dating of individual quartz ‘supergrains’ from the Ancient Middle Palaeolithic site of Cuesta de la Bajada, SpainArnold, Lee J.; Duval, Mathieu; Demuro, Martina; Spooner, Nigel A.; Santonja, Manuel; Pérez-González, Alfredo
Oct-2018Response to comment on “The earliest modern humans outside Africa”Hershkovitz, Israel; Duval, Mathieu; Grün, Rainer; Mercier, Norbert; Valladas, Hélène; Ayalon, Avner; Bar-Matthews, Miryam; Weber, Gerhard W.; Quam, Rolf M.; Zaidner, Yossi; Weinstein-Evron, Mina
Jan-2016Comments on “ESR dating of the Majuangou and Banshan Paleolithic sites in the Nihewan Basin, North China” by Liu et al. (2014)Duval, Mathieu
2016On the fallacy of using orthogenetic models of rectilinear change in arvicolid teeth for estimating the age of the first human settlements in Western EuropePalmqvist, Paul; Duval, Mathieu; Diéguez, Antonio; Ros-Montoya, Sergio; Espígares Ortiz, María Patrocinio
Aug-2015Evaluating the accuracy of ESR dose determination of pseudo-Early Pleistocene fossil tooth enamel samples using dose recovery testsDuval, Mathieu
Jul-2012Age of the oldest hominin settlements in Spain: contribution of the combined U-series/ESR dating method applied to fossil teethDuval, Mathieu; Falguères, Christophe; Bahain, Jean-Jacques
Oct-2014Middle Pleistocene human remains from Tourville-la-Rivière (Normandy, France) and their archaeological contextFaivre, Jean-Philippe; Maureille, Bruno; Bayle, Priscilla; Creèvecoeur, Isabelle; Duval, Mathieu; Grün, Rainer; Bemilli, Céline; Bonilauri, Stéphanie; Coutard, Sylvie; Bessou, Maryelle; Limondin-Lozouet, Nicole; Cottard, Antoine; Deshayes, Thierry; Douillard, Aurélie; Hénaff, Xavier; Pautret-Homerville, Caroline; Kinsley, Leslie; Trinkaus, Erik