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Aug-2016The coexistence of Acheulean and Ancient Middle Palaeolithic techno-complexes in the Middle Pleistocene of the Iberian PeninsulaSantonja, Manuel; Pérez-González, Alfredo; Panera Gallego, Joaquín; Rubio Jara, Susana; Méndez Quintas, Eduardo
Jun-2018Ambrona revisited: the acheulean lithic industry in the lower stratigraphic complexSantonja, Manuel; Rubio Jara, Susana; Panera Gallego, Joaquín; Sánchez-Romero, Laura; Tarriño Vinagre, Antonio; Pérez-González, Alfredo
Jun-2019Middle Pleistocene human occupation in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula during cold climate conditions: zooarchaeology and taphonomy of ETB-H02 site in the Manzanares Valley (Madrid, Spain)Yravedra Saínz de los Terreros, José; Panera Gallego, Joaquín; Rubio Jara, Susana; Pérez-González, Alfredo; Gallego, Nuria; González García, Iván
Sep-2014The Middle Paleolithic site of Cuesta de la Bajada (Teruel, Spain): a perspective on the Acheulean and Middle Paleolithic technocomplexes in EuropeSantonja, Manuel; Pérez-González, Alfredo; Domínguez-Rodrigo, Manuel; Panera Gallego, Joaquín; Rubio Jara, Susana; Sesé Benito, Carmen; Soto, Enrique; Arnold, Lee J.; Duval, Mathieu; Demuro, Martina; Ortiz Menéndez, José Eugenio; Torres, Trinidad de; Mercier, Norbert; Barba Egido, Rebeca; Yravedra Saínz de los Terreros, José
Jun-2019Landscape evolution during the Middle and Late Pleistocene in the Madrid basin (Spain): vegetation dynamics and human activity in the Jarama-Manzanares rivers (Madrid) during the PleistoceneGil García, María José; Ruiz Zapata, María Blanca; Rubio Jara, Susana; Panera Gallego, Joaquín; Pérez-González, Alfredo
Oct-2019Insights into the late stages of the Acheulean technocomplex of Western Iberia from the Arbo site (Galicia, Spain)Méndez Quintas, Eduardo; Demuro, Martina; Arnold, Lee J.; Duval, Mathieu; Pérez-González, Alfredo; Santonja, Manuel
Sep-2016OSL dating of individual quartz ‘supergrains’ from the Ancient Middle Palaeolithic site of Cuesta de la Bajada, SpainArnold, Lee J.; Duval, Mathieu; Demuro, Martina; Spooner, Nigel A.; Santonja, Manuel; Pérez-González, Alfredo
Jul-2012Characterization of a rapid climate shift at the MIS 8/7 transition in Central Spain (Valdocarros II, Autonomous Region of Madrid) by means of the herpetological assemblagesBlain, Hugues-Alexandre; Panera Gallego, Joaquín; Uribelarrea del Val, David; Rubio Jara, Susana; Pérez-González, Alfredo
Jun-2013Environmental availability, behavioural diversity and diet: a zooarchaeological approach from the TD10-1 sublevel of Gran Dolina (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain) and Bolomor Cave (Valencia, Spain)Blasco, Ruth; Rosell, Jordi; Fernández Peris, Josep; Arsuaga, Juan Luis; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Carbonell, Eudald
Jan-2021Early human occupations in Northwest Iberia: the archaeological record of the Lower Miño basin during the second half of the Middle PleistoceneMéndez Quintas, Eduardo; Santonja, Manuel; Pérez-González, Alfredo; Demuro, Martina; Arnold, Lee J.; Duval, Mathieu