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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2010Brief communication: contributions of enamel‐dentine junction shape and enamel deposition to primate molar crown complexitySkinner, Matthew M.; Evans, Alistair; Smith, Tanya M.; Jernvall, Jukka; Tafforeau, Paul; Kupczik, Kornelius; Olejniczak, Anthony J.; Rosas, Antonio; Radovčić, Jakov; Thackeray, John Francis ‎; Toussaint, Michel; Hublin, Jean-Jacques
2010Enamel thickness and tooth development in a subadult Dryopithecus brancoi (Rudapithecus hungaricus) individualSmith, Tanya M.; Zermeno, John P.; Pouech, Joane; Tafforeau, Paul; Olejniczak, Anthony J.; Reid, Donald; Eastham, Laura; Hublin, Jean-Jacques; Kordos, László; Begun, David R.
Jan-2019First systematic assessment of dental growth and development in an archaic hominin (genus, Homo) from East AsiaXing, Song; Tafforeau, Paul; O’Hara, Mackie; Modesto-Mata, Mario; Martín-Francés, Laura; Martinón-Torres, María; Zhang, Limin; Schepartz, Lynne Alison; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Guatelli-Steinberg, Debbie
2011Histological evidence for ontogenetic differences between modern human and Neanderthal dentitionsSmith, Tanya M.; Tafforeau, Paul; Reid, Donald; Pouech, Joane; Lazzari, Vincent; Zermeno, John P.; Guatelli-Steinberg, Debbie; Olejniczak, Anthony J.; Hoffmann, Almut; Radovčić, Jakov; Makaremi, Masrour; Toussaint, Michel; Stringer, Chris; Hublin, Jean-Jacques
2009Taxonomic assessment of the Trinil molars using non-destructive 3D structural and development analysisSmith, Tanya M.; Olejniczak, Anthony J.; Kupczik, Kornelius; Lazzari, Vincent; Vos, John de; Kullmer, Ottmar; Schrenk, Friedemann; Hublin, Jean-Jacques; Yakob, Teuku; Tafforeau, Paul